Her Heri

My grandfather was synonymous to Surinam for me. So when he died in the summer of 2012 it was too confrontational for me to eat Surinamese dishes let alone cook them. I just returned from a trip to Surinam where i sought my relatives. The flight to Paramaribo was like I threw salt in an open wound. For the first time I was traveling to Surinam without my grandfather. In the second week of my trip, my grandmother made this dish for me. Although I feel dead inside, Her Heri tastes like life to me and Surinam conquered my broken heart. This dish has proven that the jungle inhabitants were able to create one of the most popular dishes in Surinam. The chickens laid fresh eggs and the fish was salted to prevent it from spoiling. The fruits and vegetables were harvested from the living supermarket, Mother Nature.

2 green bananas
2 ripe bananas
2 cassaves
1 purple nappi
300 grams bakkeljauw
2 chopped tomatoes
1 chopped onion
1 chili pepper/madame jeanette
quarter cup oil
4 boiled eggs
cucumber on vinegar

Step 1
Peel the bananas, cassaves, tayer and cut them in chunks the size as you wish. Boil the bananas together, the cassaves in a separate pan and the tayer and sweet potato in a third pan. Everything will be done after 20 until 30 minutes. In the meantime cook the bakkeljauw for 10 minutes and rinse after cooking.

Step 2
Heat the quarter cup oil in a pan and fry the onion with the tomatoes. After a minute add the madame jeanette with the bakkeljauw and keep stir frying for 3 until 5 minutes. The bananas, cassaves, tayer and sweet potato are done when u easily can sting it with a fork. Remove the sweet potato from the pan and peel it. Leave the non served ripe bananas in their cooking water so they will not become tough to eat.

Step 3
Serve the bananas, cassaves, tayer and sweet potato with the bakkeljauw, the halved eggs and cucumber  I dare your guests to be hungry after this nutritious meal of Mother Nature!

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